BWT Magnesium Technology makes the difference


The integrated BWT Magnesium Filter is the first filter that not only filters the tap water, but also enriches it with the precious mineral, magnesium. Depending on individual taste, you have the option of receiving room-temperature, chilled, sparkling or hot water (max. 3 options/appliance) directly at the push of a button.

AQA DRINK RANGE - Water dispenser


AQA drink 60 AQA drink 40 AQA drink 30 AQA drink 20
CAS: Cold, Ambient, CO2
HCS: Hot, Cold, CO2 not available
CA: Cold, Ambient     not available
HCA: Hot, Cold, Ambient not available not available not available

Appliance dimensions
W x H x D:
32 cm x 47 cm x 51 cm 40 cm x 131 cm x 41 cm 26 cm x 41.5 cm x 50 cm 23 cm x 39 cm x 36 cm
Cabinet dimensions
W x H x D:
32 cm x 92.5 cm x 48.5 cm not available 26 cm x 98 cm x 48.5 cm  23 cm x 80 cm x 36 cm
Water delivery: room-temperature, still 120 l/h 120 l/h 120 l/h > 100 l/h
Water delivery: chilled, still/CO2 60 l/h 30 l/h 30 l/h 20 l/h
Water delivery: hot 8 l/h- 8 l/h 12 l/h
Recommended number of users:  40-100 15-50 15-50 1-20
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We refine your drinking water


Making the good better! For BWT, this is not just a slogan, but rather a promise to our customers and, not least, to the environment. Crystal clear drinking water is the greatest asset that the Alpine region has to offer.



BWT is dedicated to the improvement of this asset, whereby we free it of deposits and at the same time increase its mineral content during the filtration process. For this, BWT has developed a special filter process to make this asset even better.

The heart of our Magnesium Technology

Multiple water filtration: Multiple water filtration turns your tap water into magnesium mineralized water.



The filter is at the heart of the unique and patented BWT Magnesium Technology. Your drinking water is refined through five filtration levels into magnesium mineralized water. During this process we remove substances that impair taste and smell, enrich the water with essential magnesium and thus maintain the mineral content balance at a practically neutral pH value.




- For particles, e.g. sand, rust




- For protecting the ion exchanger




- Releasing the essential mineral magnesium
– Reducing the amount of heavy metals such as copper, lead and nickel




- Removing substances impairing taste and smell, such as chlorine




- Collects even the finest particles



The results are impressive: an unforgettably refreshing water for drinking with enjoyment every single day.





Magnesium mineralized water straight from the tap

Whether at home, school or work the AQA drink range and the Magnesium Mineralizer Table Water Filter can convert your tap water into the most tasty and pleasant drinking water directly at source.


Relaxed through the day

The BWT products do not just offer convenience; they also boost your body with healthy and vitalising drinking water. With these products, you can maintain your magnesium balance simply and effectively.


For your well-being

Magnesium strengthens your immune defences and is important for your nervous system, thus ensuring reduced stress and a more restful sleep. Having a sufficient quantity of magnesium in your body also boosts your physical and mental performance.


Particularly natural for the best aroma

The addition of magnesium keeps the mineral level of water in balance. The result is an almost neutral pH value that connoisseurs of water appreciate for its delicious taste and softness. Turn your tap water into a unique taste experience. It is perfectly suited for drinking with enjoyment every single day and lends your tea and coffee the best aroma.


A smart decision

BWT products are not only in a class of their own from a quality perspective, but also economy. A litre of magnesium mineralized water costs significantly less than the corresponding amount of bottled water.


Live consciously for the environment

By using a BWT water dispenser or table water filter, you are not only sparing the environment an enormous amount of plastic bottles, but also a logistics chain of many kilometres. This is not only easy on your wallet, but also on the environment.

BWT Quality

We can provide the right filtration technology for your area of application


BWT’s specialised products are used in practically all applications where water is present, and have already demonstrated their quality and high-performance many times over.

Our numerous innovations guarantee our customers the highest standards of safety, hygiene and health in their daily contact with the elixir of life, water.


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